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Office Keyless Access Control Locks

Posted on March 22, 2019

At times, it can seem like today’s office has to do more than ever before. The office is typically where the employees for the company work. On top of that, it may host potential investors, clients and the like. Some offices also double as storefronts, meaning that customers need access, too. Add into that maintenance crews, vendors and the like, and it starts to add up that plenty of people come through the typical office. Here at Action 1st, we’ve helped so many offices to maintain tight security while allowing easy access for the people they want to have come in. Below, we’ll discuss how our office keyless access control locks can work for your office.

Keyless Access Control Locks for the Office

Even the best employee sometimes forgets their keys. No matter how talented, how diligent, hardworking or conscientious, practically everyone forgets their keys sooner or later. While this may not always be the gravest concern, when it happens at the wrong time, it can lead to significant problems. That’s where our keyless options step in. Now, the employee can’t forget their keys or lose access. Forgive the double negative, but you can’t lose something that doesn’t exist. Keyless options allow your employees to always have access when they need it.

You Control Access

The key phrase in the last sentence is “when they need it.” Sometimes, you don’t want your employees to have access to the office. Maybe you have sensitive areas or resources, perhaps you’re worried that some are coming before or after work and you’d like to put a stop to it. Whatever your reasons are, with our keyless options, you can make sure that your employees are only able to enter when you want them to do so. Pressing a few buttons limits their access to their shift, so that you’re always in control.

Audit Trail Made Easy

When there’s a theft or some other kind of emergency, you’d like to think that the employee or employees responsible would step up immediately. Alas, that’s doesn’t always happen. With traditional keys, it can be difficult to figure out who had access to what location, where and when. However, with our keyless options, it’s incredibly easy. Since all of that information is online, you can find out who was in what area when. Instead of having to piece things together on your own, you can have the truth in seconds.

Better than Traditional Keys

Saying goodbye to an employee isn’t easy, whether you let them go or they’re moving on of their own volition. You have to ask for their keys and cross your fingers that they didn’t’ make a backup. Keyless options, of course, eliminate this concern. All you have to do is turn off their access; you don’t even have to take their keycards from them. To find out more ways that Action 1st can make security easier on you, give us a call at (949) 828-3008. We’ll come to your location and perform a free, on-site evaluation.

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