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How Cloud Access Control Secures New Office in Orange County, CA

Posted on October 17, 2022

Controlling access to your office location is a crucial component of securing your business. While cyber security is often the front of mind for many organizations, commercial building access control systems give you the ability to monitor who enters your building and are your first line of protection against burglars, thieves, and potential employee misconduct.

For property managers and building owners, security is imperative. Below, we’ll discuss what a cloud-based access control platform is, the various features it uses to keep your office safe, some of the many advantages of using a cloud-based access control system, and how it can help improve security at your office location for your staff and tenants.

Whether it’s used to track who comes and goes from the office or to restrict physical access to specific areas of the building, access control is a critical component of an organization's security and something that every business needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how cloud access control security systems and devices can help you secure your new office building in Orange County, CA, continue reading below.

What is Cloud-Based Access Control?

A cloud-based access control system is a security system that uses the internet to manage access to your building. This system differs from traditional on-premises systems in that you must install hardware and software at your business.

All management and monitoring functionality is done online via a cloud-based system, so you have the flexibility to access it from anywhere using computers, smartphones, or tablets—without having to worry about components such as traditional locks and keys.

Essentially, a cloud-based access control system communicates with a secure server that manages all access requests. When someone attempts to gain entry to your facility using access credentials, such as their mobile credential, key fobs, or key cards, their identification card is scanned, and the data is transferred from the card reader on the door to the server.

The server then attempts to identify the user and checks to see if they are authorized to enter the building and responds. If the person is permitted to enter the building, they will be allowed to do so. Otherwise, the readers will deny their access.

Advantages of Utilizing a Cloud-Based Access Control System

The primary advantage of a cloud-based access control system is the ability to manage access and unlock doors from any location.

A cloud-based access control system keeps data in the cloud rather than on-premises servers. As a result, you can access your system's data and modify the permissions of employees from any device with an internet connection.

Furthermore, with cloud-based access control platforms, routine software upgrades can also be conducted remotely. As a result, when the access control business releases a new version of the software, your system will automatically update.

Types of Cloud-Based Security Solutions

While smart office technology is becoming more popular, and access control systems can be an important component of this technology, security will most likely be your first consideration when making an access control system.

In today's dynamic world, access control is more than merely controlling who comes and goes from your buildings. Ensuring the security of your sensitive data and user information is equally crucial.

Finding the most appropriate cloud security solutions for your business can be a challenge. Here are a few of the most common cloud-based access control security solutions that can ensure the security of an organization’s data in the cloud:

Cloud Data Security

Cloud data security software sets access restrictions and security policies for employees and visitors across cloud-based storage services. It can maintain the safety of the data stored in the cloud as well as data transported to and from cloud-based resources.

Cloud data security solutions' primary capabilities include central management of data encryption, governance and permissions for sensitive data, and data loss prevention to detect unusual activity that could result in sensitive data loss or exfiltration.

Cloud and Database Monitoring 

Cloud monitoring solutions are an important part of any cloud security plan. Organizations require continual monitoring of cloud-based resources for visibility, as well as identifying anomalies that could constitute security incidents.

Cloud monitoring is classified into five types:

1. Database Monitoring

Keeping track of the availability, utilization, performance, and access of cloud-based databases.

2. Website Monitoring

Detecting users, traffic, performance, and uptime of cloud-deployed websites and web-based applications.

3. Virtual Network Monitoring

Virtual networks are essential for cloud security and must be monitored at the router, firewall, and load balancer levels.

4. Cloud Storage Monitoring

Regulating how storage is used by applications, databases, services, and compute instances.

5. Virtual Machine Monitoring

Using an audit trail to monitor and report uptime, traffic, and access to computing instances in the cloud.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup is an essential component of a successful cloud security program. It can help protect against risks such as ransomware and malware, as well as unintentional or deliberate tampering with or sabotage of cloud authentication assets.

Cloud backup enables a company to back up files or complete systems to the cloud and restore data if the original data is lost and the copy is stored in a cloud data center.

In addition, disaster recovery is another important aspect. Cloud disaster recovery solutions are one of the most appealing benefits because they enable organizations to easily set up cloud clones of their systems and activate them on demand if a disaster happens.

Make Action 1st Loss Prevention Your First Choice for Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

As more technology moves to cloud-based technology, there has been a significant increase in businesses choosing cloud-based access control systems to secure their offices.

While traditional access control systems have been used for decades, and many are still in use today, they also contain various security flaws that many companies are unaware of. As a result, cloud-based access control is a must-have for any commercial business looking for convenience and an imperative solution for their security needs.

Do you want to make the switch to cloud-based access control but don't know where to start? Action 1st Loss Prevention is here to support you.

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the best cloud-based access control solution for your company’s needs. We have over 30 years of security experience, and we've helped organizations of all sizes find the best cloud-based access control solution for their organization’s goals, requirements, and budget.

Our access control installation and design experts are well-versed in providing our customers with the knowledge and technology they need to ensure they get the most out of their security investment.To learn more about our wide range of cloud-based access control products, schedule a free consultation with one of our security specialists to discover how we can assist you. Contact us at 800-675-3015 at Action 1st Loss Prevention today!

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