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How an Access Control System Can Help Increase Safety in Schools

Posted on June 6, 2022

With more than 25 school shootings in 2022, according to NPR, and school security breaches occurring on a daily basis, the importance of students and staff being safe and secure at educational facilities cannot be overstated. As a result, using school access control systems to control entry at schools is critical and has become a requirement as the first line of defense in the event of an immediate threat to safety.

School door lock systems allow facilities, including school buildings and campuses, to restrict, control, and monitor the movement of people, vehicles, and assets within, outside, and around a specific perimeter. With numerous applications for access control, school officials are now prioritizing this security tool to protect both people and assets from potential threats.

Below, we’ll take a look at what school access control systems are, how these systems lead to safer schools, and best practices to implement with school door entry systems that ensure the safest school environments possible.

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What is Access Control System?

Access control is a critical school security component that governs who has access to and uses company information and resources. This type of security ensures that people are who they say they are and have authorized access to company data through authentication and authorization.

Physical access to campuses, buildings, and rooms can also be restricted using an access control solution.

Access control verifies a person’s identity through specific login credentials, PINs, mobile credentials, Bluetooth readers, and security tokens. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a method that requires multiple authentication methods to verify a user's identity, can also be included in many access control solutions.

After a user has been authenticated, the security technology authorizes the appropriate level of access and actions associated with that user's credentials.

This security system is classified into four categories like Discretionary (DAC), Mandatory (MAC), Role-Based (RBAC), and Attribute-Based (ABAC). Organizations typically select the method that best meets their specific school security and compliance requirements.

How Does Access Control Lead to a Safer School?

Today, whether at elementary schools or a sprawling college campus, having a school security plan is critical. In an era when school security and student safety are top priorities for everyone, it's critical to consider all options to ensure a safer school community, including physical access control.

As a result, installing access control is one of the best ways to increase school safety by keeping threats out and monitoring potential threats inside. Here are some of the ways that security solutions can help secure schools more efficiently and effectively:

Monitor the Entire Building from One Location

A modern school typically has multiple access points and exit points, even if only one or two are used during school hours. Additionally, within the school premises, there are often several classrooms, offices, and storage rooms that must all be locked to restrict access.

A good security solution enables you to secure and monitor your entire school from a single location, whether it's a two-story suburban school or a sprawling campus.

Lock the Entire Building with One Button

In the event of an emergency, most schools will either evacuate the building or encourage faculty and students to shelter in place, remaining in their classrooms or offices until the emergency has passed.

Effective security provides a better solution. At the first sign of a threat, you can lock down individual doors or your entire building with the click of a button, ensuring that no one can gain access to classrooms, offices, or other rooms where your students and staff are hiding.

Replace Physical Keys with Access Cards

For centuries, physical keys have done an excellent job of keeping unauthorized personnel out of buildings or rooms. However, physical keys are difficult to carry around, difficult to track, and easy to duplicate, making them impractical in a large setting like a school.

Access control provides a better solution by utilizing access credentials, specifically smart cards or proximity cards.

Detailed Reports

Using a security system allows you to gather a wealth of information about how your system is being used. These school security systems can also generate a number of reports on card usage, such as the last time a card was used, where a card was used, which card was used to open a specific door, and so on.

Best Practices for Access Control at Schools and Colleges

Effective security systems ensure that students, staff, and visitors know where to enter, what to do once inside, and how to exit your facility. These systems can also help to keep potential intruders out of your school and establishes the tone for the rest of your school security efforts.

Installing a security system in your school immediately demonstrates that your school takes safety and security seriously. Here are some of the best practices that every school should follow:

Install a Visitor Access System

When combined with a school security system, visitor management can determine who is authorized to enter the building, where they can go, and document individual entry times.

Digital Door Access

Digital door access keeps a real-time log of facility access, making it simple to track who has access to a staff office or classroom.

Access Control Cards

Security cards with photos can help prevent intruders from gaining unauthorized access and can be issued to students and staff to assist in distinguishing them from visitors.

Ensure Your School, Staff, and Students’ Safety with Access Control Systems

While even the best school access control efforts cannot guarantee that a determined intruder will not be able to gain access to the premises, school officials must take reasonable steps to reduce the risks of unauthorized access.

Although many school administrators struggle to strike a balance between a welcoming school environment and a facility that is 100% safe from intruders, school access control offers one of the most secure solutions available.

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, our number priority is to keep students and schools safe. We remain committed to providing our customers with a variety of security solutions that meet their unique needs and school safety standards.

With over 30 years of security and access control experience, our team of experts has helped organizations of all sizes find the right school security access control solution for their goals, requirements, and budget.

If you are a school administrator or official that is looking for school security access control systems that keep your schools safe, speak with one of our security specialists about how we can help you find the best school access control system for your needs.To reach out to us, you may fill out our online form or contact us at 800-675-3015 at Action 1st Loss Prevention today!

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