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Businesses large and small all face issues with security. It does not matter if you have space with just a few doors that you need to be locked, have a large warehouse with multiple access points, or operate several buildings that have hundreds of entries and intricate designs; you still need to make sure that your employees, products, equipment, information, and visitors are all safe day and night. Intruders have become more adept at getting into places where they do not belong, and a simple key lock system is no longer sufficient to give you the peace of mind that you need. Many benefits exist to a commercial electronic door lock system in Anaheim, and here at Action 1st Loss Prevention, we can be the ones to supply you with the added levels of security you want.

Limit Access with an Electronic Door Lock System in Anaheim

The traditional key system leaves you with many risks and problems, including duplicate or lost keys floating out there for people to use and gain entry to places they do not belong. An electronic or digital system changes everything for you and your employees, allowing you to restrict access to an office, building, or area. Employees can be issued key cards, PIN numbers, or even use fingerprints or retinal scans to come and go. These methods are not ones that can be duplicated quickly or easily, making your location more secure for all involved. Doors will lock automatically as they close, so you do not have to worry about people forgetting to lock an office door or area.

An Electronic System Intimidates Intruders

Using a commercial electronic door lock system in Anaheim or Orange County acts as the ideal deterrent to potential thieves or intruders. Even experienced intruders will feel intimidated when they see a digital lock or electronic system that they cannot penetrate quickly. Often just the sight of doors like this is enough to turn potential troublemakers away since they know it will be nearly impossible for them to gain entry. Many of the newer, more advanced systems will even let you know when someone unauthorized is attempting to gain access to a location or trying to override your security system, alerting your security team to trouble right away.

Improve Your Commercial Lock System

It is always a good idea today to look for ways to improve the security of your business, and with the help of a quality commercial electronic door lock system in Anaheim like we at Action 1st Loss Prevention can provide for you, you will have the best system possible in place. Arrange a consultation appointment with us today by calling us at (949) 828-3008. You can speak with one of our professionals, and we will be glad to perform a no-cost, on-site security survey for you. We can let you know about the strengths and weaknesses of your location and how our security systems can help you step up security with a system that meets your needs and your budget.

No matter what type of commercial business you own, when you must deal with sets of keys, there is an inherent risk that can create havoc for you. You need to supply multiple keys to many people and keep track of who has which keys, get keys back from employees before they leave your company, and worry about when people have keys lost or stolen. You also have to worry about keys that can be copied so that unauthorized outsiders can gain access to your warehouse, office, laboratory, or facility, endangering your products, personnel, and information. With all the advances made in technology over the last twenty years, it makes sense for you to move away from the traditional system of using keys and switch over to a safer key card entry systems.

Reduce Risk with Key Card Entry Systems

Keys present you with too many risks today that those who should not be in locations or in your facility at all can gain access. A card system can significantly reduce these risks, limiting access to areas based on the computer coding of different cards. A card entry system can prohibit certain personnel from getting into places that they are not authorized to be in. You can also set up a system so that you can limit the times of day people can get to areas of your facility, keeping people out of restricted space during off hours.

Greater Security with a Key Card System

A key card entry systems will also give you and your employees a greater sense of safety and security. Sadly, the world we live in today has created an atmosphere where no type of business or location is immune to potential threats or thieves. Whether you run a business that adheres to specific office hours or is an around the clock facility, when you have a key card system your employees can rest assured that only those that are permitted to be in specific locations can be there, giving them greater peace of mind. There will also be fewer distractions and disruptions that can impede workflow.

Learn More about a Card System

The time is right for you to move away from traditional key locks and go to a key card entry systems for your business. To make the switch, you want to use a professional, reliable service like ours at Action 1st Loss Prevention to install and maintain systems for you. We are experienced commercial locksmiths that offer the latest systems and technology that can help you improve the safety and security of your location. You can learn more about what we can do for you by reading about our services on our website. Then reach out to us, using the contact form found on our site or by calling us toll-free at (949) 828-3008. We can have one of our experts come to your business so that we can evaluate your location and provide you with the best options available that can help you improve your security.

A Orange County shopping mall is a wonderful place for people to get everything they need from a variety of stores, while spending time with people they care about and possibly even meeting new folks. However, from a security perspective, it can be a logistical challenge. People coming in and out, sometimes in great waves, to a variety of different stores that also tend to come and go, too. Here at Action 1st, we’ve been providing commercial keyless entry systems for shopping malls and other high traffic locations. In this blog, we’ll come some of how our commercial keyless entry systems can help your mall security.

Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

The main word to focus on in the heading of this paragraph may not be “commercial,” but it is “keyless.” If you’ve ever worked with a security professional (or anyone else that has to carry a large number of keys) you know that it’s a cumbersome at best and a genuine nuisance at worst. In an emergency, it’s difficult for even the most conscientious security professional to rifle through their keys, find the right one and open the door. Our keyless entry systems eliminate that. Instead, our solutions make it easy to press a button and open a door – no keys necessary.

Customized Solutions, by Mall or by Tenant

In today’s marketplace, a shopping mall could have far more diverse types of tenants than ever before. A high-end jewelry store may require different security solutions than a Goodwill store at the other end of the mall. By that same token, they both will need different security than a 24-hour gym. On top of that, they’ll have to be protected when people come and go from that gym at 3 and 4 in the morning, too. With Action 1st, we can devise keyless security options that cover each of these locations. We can make security that fits the jewelry store, the second-hand good store, the gym and every other kind of tenant imaginable.

Different Access at Different Times

The above paragraph references how you can secure different tenants in regards to customers. Another important factor to keep in mind is staffing, vendors and the like. Businesses need them to be able to come and go in a shopping mall, but you also want to make sure they only have access to the locations you want them to have access to. With just a few keystrokes, you can make sure that every vendor only has access to a certain location at a specific time. That way, you keep all of our tenants happy.

Mall Security for All

With the right security solutions, your shopping mall can be a secure, thriving place that customers and tenants love in equal measure. Over the years, we’ve seen mall security change quite a bit. Today, we can bring your mall the best, most cutting edge solutions. Schedule a free, onsite consultation by calling us at (949) 828-3008 or message us through our site.

At times, it can seem like today’s office has to do more than ever before. The office is typically where the employees for the company work. On top of that, it may host potential investors, clients and the like. Some offices also double as storefronts, meaning that customers need access, too. Add into that maintenance crews, vendors and the like, and it starts to add up that plenty of people come through the typical office. Here at Action 1st, we’ve helped so many offices to maintain tight security while allowing easy access for the people they want to have come in. Below, we’ll discuss how our office keyless access control locks can work for your office.

Keyless Access Control Locks for the Office

Even the best employee sometimes forgets their keys. No matter how talented, how diligent, hardworking or conscientious, practically everyone forgets their keys sooner or later. While this may not always be the gravest concern, when it happens at the wrong time, it can lead to significant problems. That’s where our keyless options step in. Now, the employee can’t forget their keys or lose access. Forgive the double negative, but you can’t lose something that doesn’t exist. Keyless options allow your employees to always have access when they need it.

You Control Access

The key phrase in the last sentence is “when they need it.” Sometimes, you don’t want your employees to have access to the office. Maybe you have sensitive areas or resources, perhaps you’re worried that some are coming before or after work and you’d like to put a stop to it. Whatever your reasons are, with our keyless options, you can make sure that your employees are only able to enter when you want them to do so. Pressing a few buttons limits their access to their shift, so that you’re always in control.

Audit Trail Made Easy

When there’s a theft or some other kind of emergency, you’d like to think that the employee or employees responsible would step up immediately. Alas, that’s doesn’t always happen. With traditional keys, it can be difficult to figure out who had access to what location, where and when. However, with our keyless options, it’s incredibly easy. Since all of that information is online, you can find out who was in what area when. Instead of having to piece things together on your own, you can have the truth in seconds.

Better than Traditional Keys

Saying goodbye to an employee isn’t easy, whether you let them go or they’re moving on of their own volition. You have to ask for their keys and cross your fingers that they didn’t’ make a backup. Keyless options, of course, eliminate this concern. All you have to do is turn off their access; you don’t even have to take their keycards from them. To find out more ways that Action 1st can make security easier on you, give us a call at (949) 828-3008. We’ll come to your location and perform a free, on-site evaluation.

A proper access control system is supposed to keep the owners and users secure with as little intervention and hassle possible. Unless your business is comprised of a relatively small number of employees - say ten - and can simply rely on locks, an access control system is almost a complete necessity.

Such systems are meant to mitigate all manner of security threats with little to no inconvenience on your part. Here are five great benefits of having an access control system on your property.

Almost impossible to physically hack

The first area of complete vulnerability with regards to traditional lock and key systems is that a would-be burglar can simply duplicate the key. Once they get access to the physical key, making a replica takes an hour or less. On the other hand, a replica electronic key would take extremely advanced knowledge, weeks to months of work and very sophisticated devices.

Getting access to a physical key is a lot easier than you might imagine, too. All that has to happen is an employee misplacing their key. That’s literally all it takes for an attacker to get busy. Electronic access control systems completely mitigate this.

Never forget the key

A businessperson forgetting where they placed their key is a legitimate concern one might have. If there were no backup keys anywhere on the premises (guards or the like) there’s little recourse than having to wait and perhaps duplicating the key at a later time.

Keyless door locks will either depend on an electronic key card or, better yet, customized access codes. Every employee can have their own individual code. They only ever have to remember their four digits.

Customized access to different areas

Instead of having different keys and locks to certain areas of the building, the system can remain exactly the same but programmed differently. This way, only certain access codes or cards can access specific locations in the building. The system can even be configured to authorize different people based on time.

Remote access to the system

Remote access is incredibly useful for various reasons. For instance, should an employee forget their card at home or code, they can just ring up whoever is in charge, and they can be authorized without having to move. For people with large compounds and busy schedules, gates can be opened and shut by authorized personnel from anywhere, even from the comfort of another city.

Access to historic data

Since everyone is required to have a unique code or access mechanism, tracking whose code was used to access which area is a piece of cake. Should theft or vandalism occur, narrowing down the suspects is quite simple.

Since the data is stored securely on the system, tracking suspicious employees during working hours is also relatively easy, depending on the sophistication of the system itself.

Should you need top quality commercial locksmith services or want to consult a professional with regards to a secure Office Door Lock system, call (949) 828-3008 today.

Keeping people safe when they come onto your premises is a big worry for many business owners. If you don't have the right protection for visitors, staff or others, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for negligence. Keyed systems are no longer considered safe, since everyone knows how to pick a lock - or at least severely damage the lock by trying. Most companies are now turning to keyless entry such as access card entry systems. If you are wondering which is the best way to protect people coming into your store, keyless entry is the ideal first step.

Control Access with Sophisticated Systems

The main point of having a card-only access system is that it prevents strangers and intruders from attempting to get into the property without supervision. For example, you may want to restrict who has access to certain parts of the business, such as a warehouse, a rear entry, or a classified area. Access control can do all of these things, and will also allow you to monitor who comes in and out of a building. This can improve time-keeping and ensure that everyone is in the building when you need them to be.

Elements of Card Entry

There are two main parts to card entry systems. These are the card readers and the access cards themselves. Card readers are used to read information from the card, and can either be swipe, which requires that the card is put into the reader, or proximity, which reads the card as it is held to the monitor. These readers work with a specific set of cards, which form the 'key' to the access point. You can distribute these to staff as they join, or when they need access to a particular area. About the size of a credit card, staff members can keep them in their wallet, or may use a lanyard to secure access to the card.

Securing Your Property with Keyless Entry

Using access card entry systems is one of the easiest ways to secure your buildings and prevent unmonitored access by members of the public. You can use it in any location, for example to secure access to a server room or a private part of the building, and only those that you allow access will be able to enter. To find out more about how to protect your Orange County building, contact us online, or call at (800) 675-3015 today.

Security is critical to your business. No matter what kind of business you run, for it to thrive and be successful, it has to be secure. It’s impossible to run a store, office, or any other kind of commercial location if it doesn’t have adequate security. In the old days, perhaps a lock and key were good enough, but that era is long gone by now. To secure your commercial location, you need a new kind of security. That’s where we come in. Our electronic commercial door locks are just one of the products we offer to ensure that your commercial location is secure at all times.

Strong Electronic Commercial Door Locks

When we say “electronic commercial door locks,” the phrase can mean many things. The “locks” doesn’t just have to mean a lock and key. With recent advancements in technology, there are so many more different kinds of commercial locks available than ever before. For example, card key systems are some of the most popular. To get access to your commercial establishment, a person would need the right card key. If they don’t have it, they aren’t getting in.

Best Keyless Door Entry System

One of our most popular and more comprehensive door locks involves the “biometric system.” While it may sound like something from science fiction, all it means is that the locks recognize people by distinct, unique individual characteristics that can be measured. As you might imagine, that includes features like a person’s fingerprint, the iris of their eye, or other facial features. As you might imagine, these systems are nigh impossible to breach.

Commercial Keyless Door Locks You Can Trust

Biometric locks are popular for a wide variety of reasons. For one thing, these locks are simpler than most. They totally eliminate any need for having to remember keypad codes or access control cards. Instead of your employees getting to work and then realizing they forgot their ID at home, they literally can’t forget to bring their ID with them. There’s also no way whatsoever that they can share their method of entry with others.

Biometric Access Control System Advantages

One of the best features of biometric electronic commercial door locks is accountability. You can control and know exactly who is allowed in what area at what time. On top of that, these locks are powerful, strong and secure. To explore our door lock options further, call us at (800)675-3015 or go to our website.

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