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Access Control and Security Challenges for Educational Facilities

Posted on July 4, 2022

The education sector presents one of the most difficult security challenges due to a combination of duty of care, valuable equipment, and personal data. The ideal school access control solution for a school, college, or university should provide control without complexity—while also streamlining and simplifying security management.

Below, we'll take a look at why school door lock systems are important. We’ll discuss the various challenges that Orange County schools face regarding school access control systems and how they can implement effective school security access control solutions.

The Need for Access Control in Schools and Campuses

Here are some of the reasons why schools should consider using access control.

Increased Security and Visibility

You can remotely control your school security without having to be present if a lock needs to be opened. There are numerous areas on a college campus that are off-limits to students. With a security system, you can be confident that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas because no one can get past the complex technology of security measures.

No Need for Physical Keys

Issuing physical keys can be time-consuming during school hours when each door requires a unique key. Using a school access control system, your teachers and staff members can gain access to all areas of your school facilities with a single access card.

In fact, your school can create school ID badges that both identify staff members and grant access, reducing the number of items they must carry.


School door lock systems are foolproof, scalable, and adaptable—allowing you to tailor the system to your campus's changing needs.

Since you may need to invest in new technology, you may be concerned about the initial cost, but in the long run, the system proves to be extremely low-cost to operate. With routine maintenance, you can use the system to make your campus safer and more controlled for many years.

Challenges for Schools in Implementing Access Control

Here are some of the other challenges schools face:

Selecting a Control Access Model

While there are several control models available to suit your school security, the most common is the Role Based Access Control (RBAC), in which user access is determined by the privilege associated with their role in the organization.

This model prevents other users from gaining access to sensitive information that isn't required for their role.

Strengthening Authorization Measures

Accurately determining authorization levels for each employee within an organization can be difficult for any business. One of the most difficult aspects of this is consistently monitoring your access control systems for any unusual activity so that you can prevent school security threats from occurring.

Part of this includes running compliance and vulnerability checks on your system on a regular basis to ensure that everything is working properly and that no data is at risk.

The Need for Versatility

Because technology is continuously changing, your security technology should be able to adapt to any potential changes.

This includes updated applications and enhanced school security checks to protect your system and eliminate any minor risks before they become a major threat to your organization.

Different Options for Access Control System

Let's look at some of the different options for access control systems elementary schools have to choose from.

Mandatory Access Control

The mandatory access control (MAC) system uses the most stringent safeguards that make school administrators responsible for granting access to users. As a result, users cannot change permissions that deny or allow access to various areas, resulting in effective school security measures.

Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary access control (DAC) gives more control to system administrators. Even if the system administrator created a hierarchy with specific permissions, they get to decide who has access to which resources.

All that is required is the proper credentials to gain access.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) grants users access based on their responsibilities with a business. As the most common type of system, it determines access based on your role in the organization, ensuring that lower-level employees do not have access to sensitive information.

This method bases access rights on a set of variables that relate to the business, such as resource resources, environment, job, location, and so on.

Effective Access Control Solutions

Here are some effective security solutions that schools can implement today:

Conduct System Audits

Using the software reporting capabilities, if you have them, is one of the simplest ways to audit your school security systems.

By inspecting the reports, you will be able to implement whether the system is functioning properly and whether any fixes, changes, or updates are required.

Data Security

Using a security system can effectively solve many school security problems, but it can also pose a higher risk because the integration can introduce new challenges, such as more points of vulnerability for hacker attacks.

Having that many account details, stored passwords, PINs, and personal user details in the same system is a risk unless properly secured. As a result, secure all data by implementing logical and physical access safeguards.

Implement Security Layers

Consider several access options when planning for your school door lock systems. Various technologies allow you to make your school more or less secure.

Implement each of these security technologies at the appropriate level to encircle specific areas with strict access requirements while leaving others open to a broader audience.

Keep Your School Safe with Action 1st Loss Prevention School Access Control

Mobile credentials may become more popular in the coming years as they reduce the cost and hassle of replacing cards—allowing for more remote control.

As school campuses become more aware of the convenience and efficiency of cloud-based solutions, school security access control will continue to gain traction. Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain: high-quality security systems are a must-have for every school.

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, we remain committed to providing our customers with a variety of security solutions that meet their specific needs and school safety standards.

With over 30 years of security and access control experience, our expert team has assisted organizations of all sizes in determining the best school security access control solution for their goals, requirements, and budget.

To speak with one of our security specialists about how we can help you find the best school security system for your needs, you may fill out this online form or contact us at 800-675-3015 at Action 1st Loss Prevention today!

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