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Airbnb Safety Tips from Action 1st

Posted on December 30, 2018
  • Safety first

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Many people are making use of the extra space they might have in their home to make a bit of extra income. That’s where Airbnb comes in to manage the process. We’ve put together a few tips for anyone rent out their property as an Airbnb.  

  • Airbnb hosting security tips

First, create house rules and a house manual to tell guests what to expect during their stay. Include the following:

  • Information potential guests need to know before they make a booking. This includes if smoking is permitted, if guests are allowed to hold parties or events at the venue, what areas they are allowed to use, if there is a swimming pool, laundry, or other amenities such as an iron, ironing board, hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel, towels, and so forth.
  • Information that will make guests more comfortable during their stay. This might include your WiFi password, how to use the stove and other appliances, as well as where to find extra blankets or towels.
  • What to do in an emergency. Provide emergency telephone numbers, as well as where to find fire extinguishers, emergency exit routes, and any other security-related information.
  • Purchase additional insurance

Airbnb offers Host Protection Insurance that covers you in terms of liability for up to $1 million in case a guest is injured during their stay with you, or causes damage to your property while staying at your rental. That said, don’t rely on the Airbnb insurance program alone.

Do careful research to find out what public liability insurance you can purchase to cover you in the event of a guest emergency or damage to your property. This will give you extra peace of mind in the event of a potentially expensive problem.  

  • Install a security system

A system with remote access abilities will allow you to control the system remotely from any device. You’re more likely to get bookings if you have an alarm system. That can make guests feel more secure.

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