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Trabuco Canyon Access Control System

When looking for the best Trabuco Canyon access control system, Action 1st can help. We are the leading commercial locksmith in Orange County specializing in keyless access control systems. We are in Trabuco Canyon and in 32 other locations in OC.

Our portfolio is diverse with clients from different industries including hotels, condominiums and apartment complexes, industrial and manufacturing complexes, government offices, hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices, universities and dormitories, shopping centers and malls, gated communities and places of worship.

Because each business has different security and safety needs, we carry a wide range of keyless access control systems to meet every situation. Securing just a few doors in your Trabuco Canyon office? We have the solution for you. Or if you have facilities in multiple locations, we also have the perfect fit system for your company as well.

Why Choose Action 1st?

With Action 1st, the customer is our number one priority. This is not just an empty catch phrase. This is backed by more than thirty years of experience.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction through expert, reliable and dependable service is confirmed by the the company’s long-standing relationships with its customers.

With Action 1st you are can be sure that:

We are responsive

We schedule our appointments to work with your schedule. And we do not let you wait. From the initial meeting to installation, we make sure that things are done with no delay.

We listen

We are not in the business of “selling”. Unlike other companies who may do hard-selling to push add ons or extras that are unnecessary, we craft the Trabuco Canyon access control system that will perfectly address your business needs and fit your budget.

We pride ourselves on happy customers

We stand behind our work and customer referrals and testimonials. Review our testimonials and see for yourself.
In other words, we provide service you can trust.

We make sure to respond to your needs quickly and promptly. We maintain a fleet of fully stocked vehicles operated by highly qualified technicians so we could respond to your security needs when you call from wherever location you are.

Our technicians are factory trained so they know the important aspects of the products that we carry. As further assurance, our company is fully licensed and bonded by Department of Consumer Affairs.

Recognizing that not all businesses are the same, we make sure that customers have a variety of access control system options to choose from. Our line of quality products will meet needs from the most simple to the most complex.

Keyless Access Control Systems

Keyless access control systems are the answer to today’s changing needs in safety and security. They offer flexibility and are cost effective.

The security challenge of any business is control of people going in and out of their facility. As traffic increases, keeping tabs on people’s movement within the building becomes more challenging.

An electronic access control system offers flexibility. It lets you dictate Who can access areas in your building, Where they can go and When they can enter the building. Because the system creates an audit trail for each person that gains access to the building, it offers an added layer of security.

Compared to the traditional lock and master key system, a keyless or electronic access control system offers savings in the long run. Lost or misplaced keys can compromise security.

With a traditional lock and master key system, locks may need to be replaced to prevent unauthorized access. This could become expensive if it happens often. On the other hand, a lost or misplaced smart/access card can easily be deactivated and replaced - without the need to change locks.

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