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Sunset Beach Access Control System

With today’s changing demands in building safety and security, you need an access control system that will adapt and meet these needs. Action 1st is the best commercial locksmith in Orange County, providing Sunset Beach access control systems.

We specialize in access control solutions and service the needs of many commercial establishments in 33 location in Orange County, including the charming beach side community of Sunset Beach.

Action 1st customizes access control systems to suit the needs and requirements of our clients. We cater to a diverse portfolio of clients and they come from many industries including:
  • Condominiums and apartment complexes
  • Gated communities and HOA’s
  • Places of worship
  • Schools and dormitories
  • Business offices
  • Industrial and manufacturing complexes
  • Doctor’s clinics and offices
  • Hospitals and medical laboratories
  • Shopping complexes and retail establishments
  • Government offices
  • Hotels and hospitality establishments
  • Parking lots
If you are looking for the best Sunset Beach access control system, Action 1st can help.

Service You Can Trust

Action 1st has been in the business of providing safety and security since 1982. When you choose Action 1st to service your Sunset Beach access control system needs, you can be sure that you are not only getting high quality products, you are also getting top notch service that is backed by years of experience.

We will do a free onsite review and provide you with multiple options to choose from to fit your needs and budget. Because we do not just “sell” products, we will not suggest add-ons that are unnecessary, nor push bells and whistles you will never use.

To ensure that you maximize use of your Sunset Beach access control system, we will provide the necessary training to use and maintain it.

We are also proud of our exceptional after sales service. We have a team of highly trained technicians who are knowledgeable and experienced with all commercial hardware and access control systems. You will always be assured of prompt and quality workmanship each and every time.

As final assurance of our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, our company is fully licensed and bonded by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

About Keyless Access Control Systems

Electronic or keyless access control systems offer a flexible, cost effective alternative to the traditional lock and master key system.

  • Electronic access control systems make it easy to assign different access privileges to different people.  It becomes possible to control access to sensitive areas of your building while allowing other areas to be more public.

Or they allow you to specify time schedules depending on who needs to access your building or facility (eg cleaning crews or maintenance personnel)  And because they are able to create audit trails, it is possible to trace movement of people within the premises.

  • Electronic access control systems are also cost effective.  For the traditional lock and master key system, lost or misplaced keys present a security risk.  To prevent unauthorized access, it may be necessary to rekey or change locks.  This can get expensive if it happens often enough.

This is unnecessary when using an electronic access system. It is easy to invalidate a certain access credential without affecting other users.

3 Types of Keyless or Electronic Access Control Systems

These replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks. Here are the types available:

Access control keypad

A password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered on a keypad.

Biometric access control

A human characteristic, such as a fingerprint, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

Access control key card reader

A smartcard or key fob is presented to a card reader.

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Whatever your security needs are, Action 1st has the Sunset Beach access control system that best fits your requirements and budget.

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