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Quality Electronic Commercial Door Locks Available

Posted on October 29, 2018

The electronic commercial door locks that we offer can help with a wide variety of different locations. One particular kind of commercial building that our locks help with quite a bit is shopping malls. That’s true for a variety of reasons. Shopping malls all overuse our locks to keep their items and shoppers secure. In this blog, we’ll go over how our locks aid malls as well as how they can provide security in many different situations.

Electronic Commercial Door Locks for Malls

A shopping mall is unlike any other kind of building. There’s so much that goes into a shopping mall. Few other kinds of buildings have so many different kinds of establishments in them. Shopping malls have movie theaters, gyms, bookstores, furniture stores and so many other kinds of shops. They also have much more than shops, too. Some malls even have complete amusement parks, daycare, recording studios and so much else. For our locks to work for shopping malls, they have to be able to keep all of those kinds of buildings secure.

Electronic Locks

Many shopping malls use our electronic access control systems. You may have heard of this kind of lock before, as it’s also called “keyless access control.” What sets these locks apart from others is that they are both secure and simple. They don’t require someone having to hold onto a whole bunch of different kinds of keys or anything like that. These locks make it so that they can all be managed from just one place, one simple, single interface. That makes assignments easy, among many other facets of simplicity.

How These Locks Work

We mention that these locks don’t require keys. In fact, their flexibility is one of their most popular traits. They can be opened with a key card, but they can also be opened with a personal identification number as well. That’s only the beginning of their flexibility however. They can be made specific to the users at a given time. So, if you want to give access to a delivery worker or a temp employee for only a given period of time, that’s possible. If you have a morning shift and a night shift, each of those employees can also be given access solely for the times that they’re on the job. These locks put the users in control.

A Lock You Can Track

Part of what makes these kinds of locks so unique is that they provide complete accountability. You can know who entered when and whether they were supposed to. They provide a complete audit trail. So, every entrance and exit is monitored as well as fully recorded. You won’t have to look far or search for this information, either. Generating reports can be done with just the press of a button. You do that, and you can see everyone who came to any door or came out through it at any time.

Putting in commercial door locks shouldn’t be difficult. It should not be, under any circumstances, the kind of thing that requires a business to be shuttered for any length of time. That’s part of why we made these security locks so easy to put in. Then, they’re easily given to each tenant. So, each tenant is given their number, and they’re ready to go. They don’t have to get used to a key or have anything to remember beyond the door. Plus, when you give a tenant a number, you put them in control of their own security. They can manage their own doors, they can manage their access permissions, and they can make all of the choices they have to for their business and security.

These locks can work in multiple ways. Some of our clients opt for an “access control keypad.” These use personal identification numbers. People just type them into the keypad and open the door. Since each person has a unique number, it’s easy to track who comes in and out. Another option that customers available themselves of is the card reader. The same principle as you might be used to a card is used; it opens the door and lets the person in. This also makes deactivation easy, as a person’s access can be revoked in just the press of a button.

We understand that not every shopping mall will know exactly what kind of security solution they want. That’s why we like working in shopping malls in Orange County and other commercial locations. We love sitting down with prospective clients to figure out how we can best provide them with the security they deserve. Feel free to contact us for more information or to get started with your door locks by giving us a call at (949) 828-3008 or heading to our commercial door lock website.

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