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Biometric Keyless Door Entry System

Posted on October 23, 2018

Biometric keyless door entry system” may sound like something that’s science fiction. It may sound a bit like the kind of thing someone in a lab coat says in a movie before they’re attacked by a robot or something. However, this biometric technology is a very real thing. These locks are some of our most effective, unique and convenient locks as well. They could be the right fit for many living conditions and businesses. In the article below, we’ll explain what biometric locks are and some scenarios where they are perfect security solutions.

About Biometric Keyless Door Entry System

Biometric” is simply a way to identify people by their traits or characteristics. You may be wondering “what does that mean, traits or characteristics?” All that means in this context is identifiers that are physiological. You already recognize people by their physiological traits all the time. When you hear the voice of a close friend or loved one from far away, even if you don’t see them, you know it’s them, right? Voice is one of the most popular biometric lock traits. You can set your locks to open with the sound of your voice or someone else’s. Think about how convenient that is.

A Biometric Voice Lock

If you’ve ever forgotten your keys, you know how frustrating that can be. One minute, you’re all set to get on with your day, whether you’re heading to work, school, or on any kind of social endeavor. Then the next, you realize you’ve forgotten your keys and life just stops. Now, you can’t think about anything or focus on anything without getting your keys. That has to be done. It can eat up an entire day, ruin a day or more, and lead to all kinds of problems. Even worse, when you lose your keys, it can compromise your locks. After all, if you lost your keys, it means that someone else may find them. Someone else you don’t know. The only way to be safe, then, is to change all your locks. That can be even more expensive and time consuming.

Biometric Lock Convenience

With biometric locks, it’s literally impossible to lose your keys. Like, completely, 100% not possible to lose your keys. After all, you aren’t going to lose your voice. Sure, you might be a little bit hoarse or have a cough, but it’s still your voice. The locks are still going to open. Additionally, voice isn’t the only physiological trait that these locks would identify. They also can pick up your DNA. No one’s forgetting their DNA in their other coat, either. These locks will open when you want them to open. Let forgetting your keys and being locked out be a thing of the past.

Biometric Basics

Obviously, this is a complicated, space-age technology. This is the kind of thing that seemed centuries in the future only a few short years ago. That being said, while the technology is complicated, biometric systems all use the exact same three steps in their functionality. That first step is typically called “enrollment,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  You (or your employees, tenants, whoever) uses the system and it takes in all your basic information. Your name, perhaps an ID number – it takes all that info. Then, it puts those biometrics to work.

The next thing the biometrics do is that they capture an image, recording or some other kind of stored information of your specific trait. If you’re using the biometric as a voice lock, it records your voice. If you’re doing the fingerprint thing, it records your fingerprint and so forth. From there, the lock gets to work storing it. It analyzes your trait. Then, it’s stored in the lock. Typically, it translates your trait into a graph or code. If you’d like, some of our systems can put this info on a smart card for you. That’s one more way that we make our security solutions to fit your needs.

After the above has occurred, the lock is ready for you. Then, the next time you try to access the lock, the lock makes a comparison. It looks at the trait it has on file for you, then it looks at your fingerprint, or hears your voice or however you set it. Then, lets you in or it doesn’t. The sensor, computer and software all work in harmony to protect and secure your location. These are some of our most popular locks because they provide so much security and they’re so easy to use. We understand how they can sound almost too good to be true. For more information about biometric locks or really any of our locks, head to our website or just give us a call at (949) 828-3008.

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