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Long Beach Access Control System

The city of Long Beach is often called the “Ultimate Southern California Waterfront Playground”, offering many deep sea adventures and recreation at its numerous attractions. It is where one finds the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, the Queen Mary, and even Helicopter Tours. And the picturesque Catalina Island is just an hour away where residents and visitors can have fun snorkeling, dining and shopping.

Long Beach, however, is so much more than this. The city is also a busy commercial and business hub being one of the world’s largest shipping ports. It is the 2nd busiest container port in the US. One of its major industries is oil, with wells both underground and offshore. Long Beach is also the center of commercial and manufacturing firms including giants such as Boeing, Epson America, Pioneer Electronics and SCAN Health Program.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is the best commercial locksmith in Orange County and has many clients in Long Beach. We offer safety and security with our wide range of commercial access control solutions. No matter what the size of your operations are, we are sure we can find the best Long Beach access control system that will meet your requirements.

We have many satisfied customers from the following industries:
  • Colleges and University Campuses, Dormitories
  • School campuses serving grades K through high school
  • Places of Worship
  • Hotels
  • Apartment and Condominium complexes
  • HOA’s and Gated Communities
  • Retail Shopping Centers and Malls
  • Warehouses and Industrial Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Business Office Complexes,
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Medical Offices, Labs and Clinics
  • Parking Lots
  • Property Management Companies
  • And many more

Service You Can Trust

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, your safety and security is our priority. Our company was started in 1982 and it is our strong belief that strong customer relationships and a professional approach to service were key to its success. It still rings true to this day and our customers trust us to provide dependable, responsive and professional service each time they call.

We also realize that not all businesses are created equal. Each one has its unique security needs and requirements. With our wide range of proven quality products, our team of experts are able to determine the best Long Beach access control system that will perfectly address your needs. You are assured that you commercial business, retail store or industrial facility are both controlled and secured.

Types of Keyless Access Control System

Action 1st Loss Prevention has commercial access control security solutions ranging from the most basic to the very sophisticated. We have systems that range from the most basic that can control and monitor just a few doors for your Long Beach office to the most complex that is capable of tracking and monitoring access to multiple, even international, locations.

There are 3 basic types of systems:

Access control keypad

Access is controlled by a keypad where a password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered to gain entry.

Biometric access control

Fast gaining popularity, a human characteristic, such as a fingerprint or the retina, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

Access control key card reader

This is the most widely used type where a smart card or keyfob is presented by the holder as credential.
Whatever type you choose to install, these systems are capable of creating audit trails that make it possible for businesses to keep records of persons who entered the facility and the exact time they did. These records are useful investigation tools when thefts or incidents occur.

Action 1st Loss Prevention will help you select the Long Beach access control system that best meets your needs and budget, install it, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of its investment.

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