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Garden Grove Access Control System

Like many cities in Southern California, Garden Grove started out as a Spanish settlement when Spanish soldiers set up ranchos in the Santa Ana Valley. Over the years, many came to settle in the area but it was Alonzo Cook who bought a large tract of land in 1874. He is considered as Garden Grove’s Founding Father and he was the one who suggested the name.

Today, Garden Grove is a dynamic and thriving city with a strong sense of its roots based on its colorful history. Garden Grove is host to many fine employers. The city's top employers include Air Industries Corporation, American Apparel Knit & Dye, Prime Healthcare Services, and Walmart.

Action 1st Loss Prevention partners with many commercial companies in Garden Grove offering a wide range of access control solutions. From simple to complex, we have the Garden Grove access control system that will address your needs. Below are some of the industries for which we provide access control keyless entry solutions:

Electronic Access Control Solution for Every Need

Action 1st specializes in Commercial Electronic Access Control Systems. Whether your needs are simple for just a few doors, or more complex, involving multiple buildings, areas, and secure access needs, we have a Garden Grove access control system that our team of experts will tailor fit to your needs.

There are 3 basic types of access control systems:

Access control keypad

A password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered on a keypad. Each person may be given a unique PIN for better security.

Biometric access control

A human characteristic, such as a fingerprint, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

Access control key card reader

This is the most popular choice because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. A smart card or key fob is presented to a card reader.
All three options offer security, convenience and peace of mind. With any of the above systems, audit trails are created and businesses can keep a record of persons who entered and the exact time they entered. This is useful when any incidents or a breach of security occurs that can be narrowed down to a specific time period; records can be pulled up to determine who entered the building corresponding to the time period.

Before we at Action 1st install a system for your facility, our experts will sit down in a consultation with you to find out what you really need. Based on our analysis and expertise, we will help you select the product that best meets your needs and budget, install it, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of the system.

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