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Foothill Ranch Access Control System

Foothill Ranch was incorporated into Lake Forest in 2000. It is one the newest master-planned communities in the OC - one that strives to strike a beautiful balance of residential, business and open spaces.

This beautiful, master planned community affords many business opportunities with notable corporations such as Oakley, Inc, Cox Communications, Nike, Kawasaki, Kaiser Aluminum, Tri Alpha Energy and ProBoards making their home in Foothill Ranch.

Action 1st Loss Prevention, premier commercial locksmith, with several clients in Foothill Ranch, offers a full range of access control solutions, from the basic to the most sophisticated. And we service clients from many different industries. Among them are:
With our extensive experience in the industry, we can offer the you the best in Foothill access control solutions for your commercial building or facility.

Why Choose Us?

Action 1st Loss Prevention has made customer satisfaction its number one priority. And because this is our company philosophy, each and every customer is given PROMPT and RELIABLE service.

From your first consultation to the installation of your Foothill Ranch access control system, we do not let you wait.

We not only pride ourselves on our dependability, responsiveness and professionalism, we also make sure that we LISTEN to you and find out the needs of your business. Based on our assessment, our experts will recommend the perfect-fit Foothill Ranch access control solution for your business. We will not “sell” you systems that you do not need or suggest add-ons that are unnecessary will never use.

Ask Us About Electronic Access Solutions

Electronic access control systems offer security, convenience and peace of mind. They replace the traditional lock and master key system. The advantage of this system is it allows flexibility in granting permissions and makes it possible to track WHO enters the building, WHEN and WHERE. Audit trails created for each person who has access to the building make it a useful tool in investigation of incidents when do they occur.

Keyless access control systems are ideal for commercial and manufacturing companies, retail stores, hospitals, healthcare agencies and offices, as well as public government and social service agencies.

There are 3 basic types:

Access control keypad

A password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered on a keypad.

Biometric access control

Fast gaining popularity, human characteristics, such as a fingerprint, a person’s retina or a palm print, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

Access control key card reader

A smartcard or key fob is presented to a card reader. Among the 3 types, this is the most commonly used system

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