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Commercial Building Security Mistakes To Avoid

This article addresses commercial building security mistakes to avoid. Because of the high influx of people, commercial buildings are vulnerable to security attacks and criminal activities. When planning for and implementing a building security plan, there are 2 crucial considerations:
  • Protection of the building and all assets within from theft and damage
  • Safety of staff at all times
In a previous article, we gave useful tips on how you can make your building secure and safe. This time, we give you advice on possible loopholes that if left out might prove to be costly, even disastrous mistakes.


1. Lax Implementation of ID Protocols

Enforcing ID and badge requirements is an important security measure that controls access. In addition, having employees show and display their ID’s easily distinguish them and make any unauthorized person stand out.

However, failing to enforce the ID protocols uniformly undermines the integrity of the program in place. It is, therefore, important to make it mandatory, regardless of position, whether it’s for rank and file employees, cleaning crews or higher management positions.

2. Giving More Weight to Aesthetics Over Security

A beautiful building with neat surroundings is understandably every business owner’s goal. And there is certainly nothing wrong with aiming for this. However, security must not take a back seat to aesthetics.

Leaving a place vulnerable because surveillance cameras or entry keypads might destroy the look of the architecture compromises the security of your building. It is important to remember that security video systems not only record criminal activities but act as a deterrent to criminal behaviors. Having them as visible as possible even if they don’t add anything to the aesthetics of the building helps in enhancing the security.

3. Failing to Secure Important Rooms

While security for the entire building is important, there are certain rooms in your building that require extra security. Computer server rooms or rooms where you store important data need to be more secure than the rest of your building’s areas. Failing to do so puts your data and other confidential information at risk from attackers.

To put an extra layer of protection for your critical rooms/areas, experts recommend installing a biometric access system paired with a security video system.

4. Having Vulnerable Entry Points

Most buildings have many entry and exit points. It is important to have just one or two entry points that are closely and actively monitored. However, other entrances should be made equally secure with cameras and other monitoring devices

5. Installing a Security System that You Do Not Understand

Security systems are a major financial investment. To be able to maximize return on your investment, it is important that your security personnel fully comprehend the security technology in place.

Our security experts at Action 1st will ensure that you fully utilize the security system you have installed by giving you and your staff the proper training on how to use it.

6. It’s an Overkill

While we want to keep our buildings very safe and secure, it is possible to overdo it. As already mentioned above, security systems are a good investment, but having too much is just a waste of money.

It is important that you go to a security services provider that has your best interests in mind. Our experts at Action 1st make it their priority to know your exact needs in terms of security. Based on their analysis and expertise, they recommend a system that is tailor fit for your building and security needs.

With today’s many threats to security

It is important to know not just the steps that best protect your building. Knowing the possible mistakes help you better secure not only your property and the assets within, but also ensure the safety of your personnel.

Now that you know commercial building security mistakes to avoid, how many are on your list to correct before the end of the year?

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