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The exciting city of Newport Beach is a beautiful mix of land and sea. The Newport Harbor is a semi-artificial harbor formed by dredging Newport Bay estuary in the early 1900s. The harbor used to support maritime industries like shipbuilding and commercial fishing, but it is now a recreational facility, hosting mostly private homes and private docks. With approximately 9,000 boats, Newport Harbor is one of the largest recreational boat harbours on the West Coast.

Newport Beach combines business and leisure in one place. It plays home to many major companies such as Pacific Life, one of the Fortune 500 companies. Other companies in the city include Acacia Research Center, Conexant, Galardi Group, Jazz Semiconductor and PIMCO.

When work is over residents and visitors alike enjoy whale watching and cruises with Newport Landing Sportfishing and Whale Watching. Some go paddling along the beach side with Pirate Coast Paddle Company and Newport Paddle Company. People also enjoy relaxing bike rides with 20th Street Beach and Bikes.

Newport Beach is among the 33 cities in Orange County that Action 1st Loss Prevention serves providing reliable electronic access systems to many partner companies. In this community, we are the best Newport Beach commercial locksmith.

The Need for A Reliable Secure Electronic Access System

Each year, businesses suffer huge losses due theft. The threat not only comes from the outside through break-ins, theft and shoplifting, it also comes from worker theft and pilferage.  So while sales targets are possibly being met, it is apparent that exceptional effort should be exerted to protect bottom lines by preventing losses. How can this be done?

Loss prevention managers are learning that a proactive approach is best in order to protect the assets of the company, protect the owner’s stake and make sure that company can continue to do business in the future.

Among the many approaches to loss prevention, the most basic and one of the most important is having a reliable secure electronic access control system in place.  Action 1st, the best Newport Beach commercial locksmith,  offers a full line of new advanced secure electronic access control solutions from the very basic to the most advanced. Based on your company’s individual risks and needs, we will customize a fully functional access control system for you.

Our Products and Services

Computerized Master Key Systems

Commercial master key systems allow for easy tenant and/or employee access control to offices and other commercial buildings. At the same time the system offers maximum security and control over your facility. Computerized master key systems provide easy admittance and restriction without the need for multiple keys per person.

Action 1st Loss Prevention’s computerized master key system options have the capability to extend up to six different access levels, if needed, and can be used together with electronic access control systems.


These replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks.  Here are the types available:

  • Access control keypad: A password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered on a keypad.
  • Access control card reader: A smartcard or key fob is presented to a card reader.
  • Biometric access control: A human characteristic, such as a fingerprint, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

These systems come with easy to use software that can be used to track WHO enters the building, WHEN and WHERE. It gives you the option to grant or withdraw permissions at any time and even from remote locations.

Whether your business requires security control over just a few doors or involves multiple suites or facilities, Action 1st, the best Newport Beach commercial locksmith, will be your reliable partner.

Whether you are looking for simple electronic access control for your Newport Beach office building or a complex or a network-controlled system capable of tracking and monitoring access for international building locations, Action 1st Loss Prevention can help.

Call us today for an appointment at (888) 670-9615 and our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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