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Long Beach is the 7th most populated city in California, and the Port of Long Beach is the 2nd busiest container port in the United States and one of the world's largest shipping ports. The city maintains a large oil industry, having wells both underground and offshore.

Long Beach is also the center of various manufacturers including aircraft, carparts, electronics, audiovisual equipment, and home furnishings. Some notable corporations in Long Beach include Boeing, Epson America, Pioneer Electronics, and SCAN Health Program. Truly a hub for big business entities.

While the city has a serious, business side, Long Beach is also called “The Ultimate Southern California Waterfront Playground.” It offers deep sea adventures and recreation at its many attractions - Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Cruise Terminal, the Queen Mary, and Helicopter Tours. Or residents or visitors can have a fun adventure at Catalina Island, an hour away from Long Beach. Snorkeling, dining, and shopping are some activities one can do while there.

Long Beach also offers cultural exhibitions such as brilliant musical masterpieces at Long Beach Performing Arts Center, featuring the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. Or you may opt to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art, including a cafe and gift shop for your dining and shopping pleasure.

Action 1st Loss Prevention, the best Long Beach commercial locksmith, is proud to be a trusted partner of several businesses in the city. We have a diverse portfolio of customers which include property managers, building engineers, facility managers, leasing agents, maintenance directors, commercial real estate agents, and loss prevention managers.

The Action 1st Advantage

What is the Action 1st advantage which makes us the best Long Beach commercial locksmith? You, as our customer, are our advantage. You are our first priority and this makes us work to give you the very best. What does this mean to you?
  1. We are responsive and prompt. We value your time just as much as you do. We do not let you wait. From the moment you set your appointment with us to our consultation meetings with you to the installation and after sales service, we make sure that we attend to your needs promptly. We appreciate that wasted time for your business means wasted opportunities.
  2. We listen. We find out exactly what you want and need. With your valuable input, our experts will analyze your unique set up and come up with a perfect-fit solution for your building or facility. We do not believe in hard selling so you can be assured that we will not try to sell you systems that you do not need or suggest add-ons that are unnecessary.
  3. We pride ourselves on happy customers. We stand behind our work and customer referrals.

Our Products and Services

As the best Long Beach commercial locksmith, Action 1st carries a wide range of advanced secure access control solutions. With an array to choose from, our team of experts is able to design a fully functional access control system that will meet your company facility’s needs. Depending on your requirements, we can combine a variety of technologies to give you optimum protection.
Keyless access control locks replaces the traditional lock and master key system. You can choose from the following systems using:
  • Keypads
  • Card Readers
  • Biometric Access Control (fingerprint scan, for example)
Enjoy the following advantages with this system


Losing or misplacing keys and spare keys is not only inconvenient, it poses a security threat. With an electronic access control system, it is as simple as deactivating a particular code when a keycard is lost or misplaced. Another practical application? You can give your employees access at any time while also being able to change or delete the code when they go on extended leave, retire, or resign.


Normal keys are very easy to duplicate. A keyless system eliminates this problem

Foolproof guarantee

No need to worry about lost or forgotten keys because there aren’t any to misplace.


It is more difficult to compromise a keyless entry system than a regular key and lock.
The systems come with easy-to-use software that will record entry and track when or where a particular person went. Permissions can be granted or withdrawn at any time, and can also be handled remotely.

Other practical applications of the electronic door lock systems:
  • automatic open and close times
  • shift access (employee access during specific times and days), and holiday schedules.
  • Multiple door tracking, providing the ability to track individual employees or tenants throughout the entire building in order to increase both security and accountability.
Electronic access control systems can be used in combination with another technology - for example, computerized master key systems.


These systems offer easy access to offices or other commercial buildings for tenants and/or employees, while boosting security and control over your facility. With these systems, admittance and restriction is made easy without the need for multiple keys per person.

Action 1st Loss Prevention’s computerized master key system options offer up to six different access levels if needed, and can be used together with electronic access control systems.

OUTDATED SYSTEM? We got you covered!

If your facility is currently using an outdated system, we can help update it. We utilize advanced tools to analyze your security system. From there, we will make repairs or provide an upgrade.

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The importance of a good access control system cannot be emphasized enough. Make your move to better protect your business. Call Action 1st Loss Prevention, best Long Beach commercial locksmith, to find out how we can help you.

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