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rvine is a planned city in Orange County, California. Developed by the Irvine Company, the masterplan consisted of townships, each of which would have houses of similar design, commercial centers, religious institutions, and schools. As of 2016, the city's population is at 258,386. Named after a 19th century rancher, James Irvine, the city was incorporated on December 28, 1971. The city hosts many headquarters whose industries are in the technology and semiconductor sectors. Some of these are ATEN Technology, Inc., Broadcom Corporation, Gateway, Inc., and Paragon Software Group.

Irvine hosts some of the top higher education institutions of the United States, namely, the University of California at Irvine, Concordia University, and California State University Fullerton—Irvine Campus. Part of the city's plan is to preserve open spaces for various recreational activities. Irvine boasts 19 community parks and 40 neighborhood parks. One of them is the Orange County Great Park, which is an arts and sports recreational hub. The Irvine Fine Arts Center offers art classes, programs, and exhibits for all ages. On their official website, they have a section on affordable housing and a brochure that covers important topics about housing including locations and phone numbers.

The Irvine City Council continues to ensure city's security, safety, and is conducive to family life and business.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is aligned with the city’s thrust for security and safety. We take pride in our quality service, providing a wide range of commercial access control systems. Our customers have come to trust our reliable service and they consider us to be the best Irvine commercial locksmith.

Our Services

Electronic Access Control Systems

These systems replace the traditional lock and master key system using keyless access control locks. They provide access control security by monitoring ingress and egress through keypad, card reader, fingerprint scan, or similar biometric access control. Electronic access control systems has many advantages:
  • User-friendly software is used to track who enters the building and when.
  • Permissions can be given or removed any time without the need to change commercial locks when an employee or tenant departs or when keys are lost.
  • Gives you the ability to have automatic open and close times or implement shift access (employees can only access premises only during their assigned work hours).
These systems offer not only security but also convenience. Practical applications are for commercial and manufacturing companies, retail shops, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as well as public government and social service agencies.

Computerized Master Key Systems

These systems allow for easy tenant or employee access control to offices and other commercial buildings while ensuring maximum security and control over your property. With these systems, multiple keys per person are done away with without compromising security.

Commercial Door Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

We can help with doorway repair and ensure that your entrances continue to function properly. We will also assist you with emergency exits that meet the stringent fire codes and adhere to industry standards. We offer options of hydraulic locks or high traffic locks, as per your requirements. We can likewise install panic bars or keypads for secured accessibility in your business premise.

The Action 1st Difference

What sets us apart and makes us the best Irvine commercial locksmith? At Action 1st, you are our first priority. What does this mean for you?

We are responsive and prompt

From the moment you set your appointment with us to our consultation meetings with you to the installation and after sales service, we do not let you wait. We realize that your time is important and that wasted time for your business is wasted opportunities.

We listen

We find out exactly what you want and need. Using our expertise and analysis, we come up with a perfect-fit solution for your particular situation. You can be assured that we will not try to sell you systems that you do not need or suggest add-ons that are unnecessary.

We pride ourselves on happy customers

We stand behind our work and customer referrals. Review our testimonials and see for .yourself

Action 1st Loss Prevention

The best Irvine commercial locksmith, has a wide range of commercial access control systems for you to choose from. Whatever your needs - from the basic to the very sophisticated - we have one that is suited for your Irvine facility. Call us today for an appointment at (949) 828-3008 and our team of experts will be happy to discuss your security needs. We provide free onsite surveys and estimates.

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