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Best Foothill Ranch Commercial Locksmith Services

Foothill Ranch is a master-planned community, one of the newest in Orange County. It was incorporated into Lake Forest, California in 2000. The city's population at that time was 10,899. The planned community is comprised of a balance of residential, business, and open spaces.

Owing to its commitment to preserve open space, Foothill Ranch hosts the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. The park is comprised of 1,500 acres of forested canyons, scenic rock formations, and grassy rolling hills. There are intermittent streams and trails offering the best opportunity for nature walks, hiking, and mountain biking.

On the other hand, the Heritage Hill Historic Park comprises 4.1 acres and 4 historic buildings. Guided tours are provided to the public from Wednesday through Sunday. The tours talk about the history of Saddleback through the artifacts and stories told about the buildings that stand there today.

Notable corporations have set up offices here in Foothill Ranch including Oakley, Inc., Cox Communication, Nike, Kawasaki, Kaiser Aluminum, Tri Alpha Energy, and ProBoards, to name a few. This city is also home to the Saddleback Church.

This beautiful, master planned community affords many opportunities. Our company, Action 1st Loss Prevention, best Foothill Ranch commercial locksmith, is happy to partner with businesses to service their property security requirements. We count among our clients property managers, building engineers, facility managers, leasing agents, maintenance directors, commercial real estate agents, and loss prevention managers in many major companies.

The Need for Loss Prevention

You have invested much in your business and it is only logical that you protect its security. Threat, however, can come from outside and within. An automated access system will allow you to monitor and protect against break-ins and outside theft. At the same time, you also protect against employee theft, false liability claims or shoplifting (if you are a retailer). Equally important, a system helps you keep private information about your business secure.

While installing a loss prevention system is an investment, a good one ultimately leads to increased business productivity and revenue. So a good question to ask yourself is this -- can your business afford not to invest in a system?

If your answer to this is NO, Action 1st Loss Prevention, best Foothill Ranch Commercial Locksmith, can help. Our company has a whole range of systems that can fit your needs, from securing just a few doors to a full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple. With Action 1st Loss Prevention, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We handle every job with PROMPT and RELIABLE service and this is the reason why customers choose us for their loss prevention needs. What’s more, from your first consultation to the installation of your chosen system, we do not let you wait. We realize time is an important resource and we appreciate that any lost time on your part is lost opportunity for your business as well.

Not only are we prompt in our delivery of services, we LISTEN to you and find out the needs of your business and come up with the perfect-fit solution for your business. We will not “sell” you systems that you do not need or suggest add-ons that are unnecessary will never use.

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This system offers maximum security and control over your business facility while providing easy tenant and/or employee access control to offices or other commercial buildings. Because it is computerized, it provides easy admittance and restriction without the need for multiple keys per person.

Action 1st Loss Prevention’s commercial locksmith service team will configure a system based on your organization’s specific access security needs and facility layout. Any system you use comes with unique software tailored to your specific setup.


Based on the needs of your business, these can be used in conjunction with the above system to give you more comprehensive security control. These systems provide commercial access control security by admitting entrance with a keypad, card reader, fingerprint scan, or other biometric access control.

We give you software to track WHO enters the building and WHEN and WHERE. The beauty of this system is the ability to grant or remove permissions anytime and from anywhere so there is no need to change commercial locks when keys are lost or if an employee or tenant departs.

Electronic access control systems offer security, convenience and peace of mind. It is ideal for commercial and manufacturing companies, retail stores, hospitals, healthcare agencies and offices, as well as public government and social service agencies.

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