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About The City of Diamond Bar

Diamond bar is a city in Eastern Los Angeles County, and boasts nine parks, recreational trails, and recreational facilities. The city was named after “diamond over a bar” branding iron by ranch owner Frederick E. Lewis. Formerly a town run by ranchers, Diamond Bar is now home to a wealthy residential area with shopping centers and is part of the Walnut Valley Unified School District.

The city's nine parks offer acres of picnic grounds, playgrounds, and athletic activities. The Heritage Park has a community center, a baseball field, a basketball court, picnic tables, barbeque spaces, and restrooms. Diamond Bar also is the site of the public Los Angeles Golf Course.

The city has the first hydrogen fueling station ever built in Southern California. It's neighbor—South Coast Air Quality Management District—is the city's top employer as of 2012. Additional businesses in the city include Travelers and Magan Medical. Businesses in the city total 1,500 employing over 48,000 people.

Our company, Action 1st Loss Prevention, the best Diamond Bar commercial locksmith is happy to have its presence in this progressive community to service its security needs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are proud to count property managers, building engineers, facility managers, leasing agents, maintenance directors, commercial real estate agents, and loss prevention managers in many major companies among our clients.

Why Choose Action 1st Loss Prevention as Your Commercial Locksmith in Diamond Bar?

Because customer satisfaction is our prime priority! We offer PROMPT AND RELIABLE service to our clients because we believe that happy customers are our best advertisement. It is through their referrals that we continue to grow our client base.

And beyond this, at Action 1st Loss Prevention, we LISTEN. We have a team of experts who will meet with you to understand your exact needs in terms of securing your business. Based on your specific requirements, we will tailor fit a system so that it’s the right solution for your needs. We will not “sell” you systems that you do not need or suggest add-ons that are unnecessary. So whether it is just for securing a few doors in a single facility or a full system enterprise system in multiple facilities, we have the perfect-fit loss prevention system for you.

The Importance of a Loss Prevention System

Each year, billions are lost by businesses due to theft from without (outside theft and shoplifting) and within (employee theft or pilferage). With so much at stake, it is not a matter of asking if your business can afford to invest in a good loss prevention system. The question to ask is if it can afford not to.

Having a system that is designed for your business will allow to:
  • Monitor and protect against break-ins and outside theft
  • Protect against employee theft, false liability claims and shoplifting.
  • Keep private information secure by monitoring and limiting access to your vital business records.
Ultimately, the ability to keep your business secure leads to increased business productivity and revenue because you improve employee accountability and enhance knowledge of your customers’ habits.

So, can you afford not to invest in a good loss prevention system that our company, Action 1st, the best Diamond Bar commercial locksmith, can offer you?

Our Products and Services

Computerized Master Key System

This offers maximum security and control over your facility while offering ease in tenant and/or employee access control to offices or commercial buildings. They provide easy admittance and restriction while eliminating the need for multiple keys per person.

For more control and depending on your business’s needs, it can be combined with Action 1st’s electronic access control systems.

Electronic Access Control Systems

This system makes it possible for companies to control or limit access. This means control over Who can go Where and When people can access certain areas in the property.  Exits and entries are recorded and an audit trail is created for all these activities.

Action 1st has a full range of products you can choose from:

If you have already invested in a system but feel that it is not appropriate for your needs anymore, we can help.

We can repair older systems and upgrade or replace them if needed. Our team of experts will use advanced tools to evaluate your current system and determine the exact problem with it. From there, we offer solutions such as a repair, upgrade or replacement.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is the best Diamond Bar commercial locksmith. We serve businesses for their security needs from the basic to the very sophisticated. Call us today for an appointment at (949) 828-3008 and our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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