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Best Dana Point Commercial Locksmith Services

If you love beaches and surfing, Dana Point is the place to go. This city, with a population of 34,012 (2013 census), began as a trading port for ships along with its neighbor San Juan Capistrano. Dana Point is named after Richard Henry Dana, author of “Two Years Before the Mast.”

Dana Point harbor, built in 1960, hosts a marina, shops, and restaurants and serves as a point of harbor for the Catalina Express—transport service to and from the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. The Doheny State Park in Dana Point is 62 acres of of open space, good for camping, picnicking, swimming, surfing, and bicycling. This beach receives over 2 million visitors annually.

Another popular beach in Dana Point is the Salt Creek Beach Park, a long sandy beach that's popular for surfing. The seven-acre Bluff Park is a good destination for picnics and barbecues.

The Ocean Institute in Dana Point is a non-profit educational center dedicated to the preservation and study of the ocean and ocean life. It serves about 135,000 students annually.

Dana Point puts an emphasis on being business-friendly.

Our company, Action 1st Loss Prevention, the best Dana Point commercial locksmith partners with several companies and institutions for their property security needs.

The Importance of a Loss Prevention System

Each year, businesses suffer losses due to theft - outside theft, shoplifting and even employee theft. The industry loss figures run up to billions of dollars. With much at stake, it is imperative that businesses take all necessary steps to protect their properties and assets.

The first and most important line of defense that you can take as a business owner is to install an effective loss prevention system that will allow you to control who has access to your property, safeguard against break-ins and theft and secure your company’s private information.

At Action 1st, we take your safety and security seriously. Our satisfied customers will attest to our track record of dependability, responsiveness and professionalism. We can provide you reliable services as the best Dana Point commercial locksmith services.

Our Products

We offer a full line of new advanced secure access control solutions, from securing a few doors to a full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities. We combine a variety of access control technologies together into a fully functional access control system that manages your individual risks and needs, and is customized to your requirements.

Computerized Master Key System

Commercial master key systems offers maximum security and control over your facility. At the same time, it offers ease in tenant and/or employee access control to offices and other commercial buildings.

One of the major advantages of this system is it provides easy admittance and restriction and eliminates the need for multiple keys per person.

Often, depending upon needs, this system is used together with Action 1st’s additional electronic access control systems.

Electronic Access Control Systems

This technology allows companies to be very specific on WHO to grant access to and WHERE and WHEN they can go. Special software creates an audit trail. At any point in time, you are able to access details of who passed through entry and exit devices which monitor access to buildings, and doors or areas within buildings.

You can choose among these products:

Do you have a protection system that your business has outgrown?

Don’t throw it out, yet. We can repair older systems and upgrade them if needed and/or replace them. We have advanced tools to determine the exact problem with your security system. Based on our evaluation, we can proceed with a repair, an upgrade or a replacement.

Whatever your security needs are - whether just securing several doors in a single property or a full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities, our team of experts will tailor fit a system just right for your needs.

If your business is in need of the best Dana Point commercial locksmith offering exceptional customer service, call us today at (949) 828-3008 to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you.

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