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Cypress, a city in Orange County, with a population of 49,743, ha as the city vision to be an “outstanding family-oriented community with a thriving business environment.”

During the 19th century, huge tracts of land, including what is now Cypress, used to be held by Spanish dons and later on, by ranchers and dairy producers. The city took its name from Cypress Elementary School—built in 1895—which got its name from the cypress trees surrounding the area. After WWII, the land became more valuable for ranching and dairy, and the dairies sold out to housing developers.

Today, some notable companies headquartered in Cypress include Real Mex Restaurants, Bandai America, and Mitsubishi Motors North America. The city continues to encourage business endeavors thru its business programs.

The Los Alamitos Race Course in Cypress is a horse racing track that hosts thoroughbred and quarter horse racing. It hosts four horse stakes races amounting to over $ 1 million.

Family, business, education, recreation—all of these and more are found in the city of Cypress.

Action 1st Loss Prevention partners with several businesses in this community providing reliable services as a commercial locksmith in Cypress. Our client base continue to grow through referrals of our satisfied customers.

The Need for A Loss Prevention Program

Yearly, billions of dollars are lost by businesses due to outside theft, shoplifting and even stealing from their own employees. In 2014, for instance, retailers were estimated to have lost $32 Billion. As a business owner, the best way to protect yourself is to install an effective security system that would control your property access.

The right lock system will enable you to monitor and secure your business not only from break-ins and outside theft, but also safeguard against employee theft, false liability claims and shoplifting. Most importantly, it keeps your company’s private information secure.

While a good loss prevention system might require some financial outlay, ask yourself this - can you afford not to? Having a good system in place will have a large impact because of increased business productivity and revenue. How? It enables you to increase employee accountability, knowledge of customer shopping patterns and safety of your establishment.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is a premier commercial locksmith in Cypress. We have a whole range of systems that can be custom designed to fit your particular needs, be it securing just a few doors in a single facility to a full, integrated system for multiple properties.

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Got an outdated system that you want upgraded? No problem. We use advanced tools to determine the exact problem with your security system. Based on our evaluation, we can proceed with a repair, an upgrade or a replacement.

The Action 1st Difference

At Action 1st, our customers come first and foremost!

We are responsive

We do not let you wait - from your first consultation appointment to the installation of your protection system, we do it promptly. Because we realize that time lost on delays is lost opportunity for your business.

We listen

Our team of loss prevention experts will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need for your business. Based on your unique situation and our careful evaluation, we will find the protection solution that is a tailor fit to your needs. We will not push nor sell you any add-ons that are unnecessary.

Your satisfaction is our first priority

Our work is guaranteed. We believe that happy customers are our best endorsers so we make it our business to provide the best for our clients. This is how we continue to grow our client base.

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Action 1st Loss Prevention is the best Cypress commercial locksmith. We have a whole range of commercial access control security systems from the most basic to the very sophisticated. Whether you are looking for simple electronic access control for your Cypress office building or a complex, network-controlled system capable of tracking and monitoring access for remote building locations, Action 1st Loss Prevention can help.

Call us today for an appointment at (949) 828-3008 and our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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