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About The City of Brea

Brea, meaning “oil” or “tar” in Spanish, is a city in Orange County, California, with a population of 41,394. The city of Brea was founded as a crude oil production center. Later, it extended its industry into citrus production and now, is an important retail center. The city is about to celebrate it's centennial year on February 23, 2017.

Brea Downtown is the city's center of dining, shopping, and entertainment. The large Brea Mall offers lots of choices in retail. If you want to know the history of the city, look no further than the Olinda Oil Museum and Trail and the Brea Museum—preserving the city's 100-year history.

For leisure and sports, Brea offers various parks—Arovista, City Hall Park, and Carbon Canyon Park to name a few. The City of Brea Art Gallery offers workshops and exhibits in fine arts. The city is known for its public arts program, resulting in over 150 sculptures, displayed throughout the city.

Some of the businesses in Brea include Life Science Outsourcing Corporation, Omega Aerospace Manufacturing, Beckman Coulter, American Motor Company, Venture Fds, and Viewsonic. As is evident, there is a broad range of business types in Brea.

Business opportunities abound in the city. Action 1st, premier commercial locksmith in Brea, partners with several businesses for their loss protection needs.

The Need for Loss Protection

Consider the statistics - shoplifting and worker theft cost retailers $32 billion. That’s a staggering amount of money! More than ever, it becomes apparent that investing in the right lock system and engaging a professional Brea commercial locksmith for your business is of utmost importance.

Having a good system will allow you to monitor and protect against break-ins and outside theft. But more than this, it will also allow the business to protect against employee theft, false liability claims and shoplifting. A good security monitoring system will likewise keep private information secure.

While putting in money for a good loss protection system might become expensive, it really makes good business sense because it can increase business productivity and revenue. How? By increasing employee accountability, knowledge of customer habits, and safety of your establishment.

The Best Commercial Locksmith in Brea - Action 1st

Computerized Master Key System

Our team of dedicated professional experts employ computerized master key systems so your business is provided optimal security against losses while keeping it simple for those who need to access it.

We provide a whole range of commercial locksmith services in Brea such as commercial door key replacement or commercial master key system. We tailor fit our solutions to suit your business’s needs from securing a few doors to a full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities.

Electronic Access Control Systems

These systems replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless control locks. These provide access control security using keypads, card readers, fingerprint scans or other biometric controls.

These systems provide several advantages. Easy to use software makes it easy to track who enters the building and when. Permissions can be granted or removed at any time, from anywhere. There is no need to change commercial locks when keys are lost, or an employee or tenant departs.

The systems are flexible and can be designed to suit the needs of your business.

Whether your business requires security control over just a few doors or involves multiple suites or facilities, let Action 1st be your partner for your Brea Action 1st Loss Prevention is a premier commercial locksmith in Cypress. We have a whole range of commercial access control security systems from the most basic to the very sophisticated. Whether you are looking for simple electronic access control for your Cypress office building or a complex, network-controlled system capable of tracking and monitoring access for international building locations, Action 1st Loss Prevention can help.

Call us today for an appointment at (949) 828-3008 and our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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