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Best Anaheim Building Security Systems

Action 1st Loss Prevention has been in the industry since 1982. As the the top provider of the best Anaheim building security systems, we sell and install state of the art building security systems for schools and dormitories, hotels, warehouses and industrial buildings, and apartment buildings, hospitals and medical centers, retail shopping centers and malls, and more.

The Southern Californian city of Anaheim was once a predominantly rural community, until the Disneyland Resort opened its doors to the public in 1955. As a result, several hotels and motels around the area were constructed in order to accommodate the influx of visitors who want to experience the happiest place in the world.

Throughout the years, the city has transformed into an industrial center, hosting some of the biggest names in electronics, telecommunications, aircraft parts, and canned fruit. Notable names include AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Extron Electronics, Isuzu, and Yogurtland

Aside from the aforementioned, the city offers countless options for entertainment, shopping, dining, leisure, and sports. These include the Anaheim Convention Center, Angel Stadium of Anaheim - home of the Los Angeles , Anaheim Packing District (craft breweries), and the Center Street Promenade.

Access Control

Action 1st Loss Prevention has a wide range of products that can address your Anaheim building security needs, and one of them is access control systems.

Electronic access control systems replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks. These systems provide commercial access control security by allowing entrance with a keypad, card reader, fingerprint scan, or other biometric access control.

Let’s explore each option:

Access Control Keypad

Access is controlled through a password or personal identification number that is entered on a keypad.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control uses personal physical characteristics such as the fingerprint or retina as credentials. Due to the uniqueness of each individual, they are almost impossible to duplicate.

Access Control Key Card Reader

Access is controlled through a smart card or key fob that is swiped or waved over a card reader. This option is the most popular system in use today.
With any of the above systems, audit trails are created and businesses can keep track of persons who entered the building or any particular room, and the exact time they entered. Records can be easily accessed in order to determine who entered the building/room corresponding to the time period. This is useful in incidents of theft or any injurious events that may occur in the premises.

These are the following types of information that are stored in the system:
  • Date and time card was read, pin was used, or biometric scan occurred
  • Name of cardholder, pin owner, or person associated with biometric data
  • Unique ID number or badge number
  • Name of door or reader being accessed
  • Access granted/denied condition

If you’re considering an access control system for your building security

Action 1st Loss Prevention can provide you the best in the market. But if you’re still considering other types of security systems, we still have you covered.

If you are ready to discuss your security options, call us today for an appointment at (949) 828-3008 and our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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