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Aliso Viejo is a great city to live in and to work in. Aliso Viejo, meaning “old alder” or “old Sycamore”, is Orange County’s 34th city, incorporated in July 1, 2001. A planned community of 6,600 acres, this city was listed in 2009 as one of “America’s Top Towns to Live Well” by

Some of the notable corporations in Aliso Viejo include UST Global, Pacific Life, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Quest Software,, Qlogic,  and even Microsoft (due to the purchase of DATAllegro).

Action 1st Loss Prevention has several business customers in this city. We are the premier and best Aliso Viejo commercial locksmith.


At Action 1st, our customer come first!

We are responsive. From your first consultation appointment to the installation of your protection system, we do it promptly. We do not let you wait.

We listen. We will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need for your business. Based on your unique situation and our careful evaluation,  we will find the protection solution that is a tailor fit to your needs. We will not push nor sell you any add-ons that are unnecessary.

We aim for happy customers. Our work is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


At Action 1st, we take our customers’ needs into consideration. We have a full line of new and advanced secure access control solutions to suit your exact needs; be it securing just a few doors in a single facility to a full, integrated system for multiple properties. Furthermore, we combine a variety of access control technologies to give you a system that is customized to your requirements.


Protection against break-ins and outside theft.
Guard against employee theft, false liability claims, shoplifting and similar incidents
Control and monitoring over  access to keep private information secure
In turn, business productivity and revenue is increased by increasing employee accountability, knowledge of customer shopping patterns, and safety of your establishment.

We employ the latest in electronic access control systems. These allow companies to determine who can go where and when. An audit trail shows the details of who passed through entry and exit devices which allow access to buildings, and doors and areas within buildings.

As a business owner, you can choose from among several options:

Keyless Entry Systems
Master Key Systems
Card Key Systems
Biometric Systems

Have an existing system that is not meeting your needs anymore? Think before installing a new one. We can oftentimes repair or upgrade your security system to meet your particular needs, sparing the expense of an entirely new system.

If your company is in need of a loss protection and security system, reach out to Action 1st today. Call us at 800-675-3015 for a free onsite review and estimate. We provide premium services as a commercial locksmith in Aliso Viejo.

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