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Access Control Card Holders Orange County

Demand for access control card holders Orange County is on the rise. This is mainly due to advancement in technology and the need to respond to increased threats. The ability to control who can access your building is essential for the safety, security, and health of all occupants. Any facility in Orange County with heavy foot traffic will benefit from access control cards.

Access control card systems are the latest version of the traditional lock and key. They efficiently secure buildings and ensure that only authorized access control card holders can access the right places, and at the right time. Additionally, these systems can help you identify who is in the building, control access to more secure areas, and create a safe environment for all inhabitants.

Access Control Card Holders Orange County Keep All Occupants Safe

The first thing you should consider when choosing the right access control card system is the security of all occupants. Disregard services that cut corners, offer outdated technology, or miss important safety features such as alarms and lockdowns. Although there are several types of door readers and other physical credentials, a reader with its own memory and processor and one that is encrypted will be more secure.

Door access control readers are also easy to secure with special screws. Furthermore, some readers have tamper alarms that alert you when altered or removed. When doors are left open for too long, the door hold alarm will go off. Access door control systems have important safety protocols such as carbon monoxide alerts, fire, and break-in alarms. You can also program the system to lock or open select doors automatically in case of an emergency.

Reporting and Administrating

With a detailed reporting interface, you can easily monitor the movements of occupants throughout the building, and you can keep tabs on who goes through which door. The best access control card systems integrate surveillance cameras and records when an occupant opens a door. This can be very helpful when conducting investigations.

When you’re away, you can still manage access control through your mobile devices. In case you often receive visitors, your system can allow temporary access to such access control card holders Orange County.

How to Choose the Right Access Control Card System

Like other technologies, newer access control card systems have evolved considerably over the years. This technology has transitioned from magstripe cards to proximity cards, and on to sophisticated smart cards. Before you decide on the best system that fits your needs, it’s worthwhile to consider these systems in detail.

Magstripe (Magnetic Stripe) and Proximity (Prox) Cards

Magnetic stripe cards offer the lowest security. In fact, this technology sometimes doesn’t offer any security protection. On the other hand, low-frequency cards also commonly referred to as prox cards have been used in the security industry for the last two decades due to their effectiveness in access control.

Initially, prox cards allowed anyone to access a facility. Access control card holders Orange County could enter a building whether they’re the authorized individuals or perpetrators who gained access using a stolen or lost card. Over time, a visual security layer was added by including a photograph on the card. This provided a basic form of authentication. Unfortunately, technology has also made it easy to clone prox cards. Therefore, unless your building has security cameras, there would be no way for you to know that an unauthorized person has gained access to your building.

Contactless Smart Cards

High-frequency cards have become the choice of most property owners – with security, interoperability, and convenience being the three main reasons. These cards are more secure than prox cards because they use mutual authentication and diversified keys to inhibit unauthorized individuals from accessing the card or reader. Additionally, they have encrypted data that protects the information on the card.


High-frequency credentials on plastic smart cards can also be carried in all NFC-enabled smartphones. This means that occupants in your facility can use their mobile devices like a digital key that is capable of unlocking doors, just like a smart card would.

These high-frequency credentials can deliver better data integrity and improved privacy protection by using the latest cryptographic algorithms that are able to secure contactless communications. These credentials use a secure messaging protocol to provide the best data confidentiality. This goes a long way in protecting data transmission with other applications.

Want to Learn More About Access Control Cards?

Access control card systems will help you protect access control card holders Orange County in your facility. However, because every organization has its own unique needs that require different security levels, you can get a reliable access control card solution from Action 1st that is tailored to fit your specific requirements. For more information about access card control systems, contact a knowledgeable professional today using our online form or calling (949) 828-3008.

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