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Access Control Card Holders Los Angeles

Whether you’ve been using the same access control card system for some years and have experienced a troubling security event or you just want to implement a new system, you might want to evaluate the type of access control card system your building needs. If you don’t presently have an access control system, ensure that you include access control card holders Los Angeles to your security plan.

With a population of 3.8 million, the city of Los Angeles bustles daily with people commuting to and from work. While homicides have continued to decrease over the years, property crime is still a concern in Los Angeles. Keep your tenants, occupants, and assets safe by including access control card technology to ensure only the right access control card holders of Los Angeles can get access.

How Does Electronic Access Control Work?

Although most of the available access control cards look alike, the differences between the card technologies can be more confusing. Therefore, before you settle for the right access card control technology, you need to know the various card technologies.

The main purpose of any access control card is to store a unique code that can be read and processed by the system. However, the main difference is the security layers that can prevent credentials from duplication or getting compromised. 

Types of Access Control Cards

Proximity Cards and Bluetooth Keyless Entry Lock

Most contact based access control cards have to be put in a specific slot, and they tend to deteriorate with usage. The proximity cards have removed these limitations, and access control card holders Los Angeles should only be near the reader for them to get access. The read range varies between ½ an inch and a few feet, depending on the card or reader you choose. This means that access control card holders Los Angeles don’t have to remove their cards from their pockets for the reader to authenticate.

Today, most people tote around their smartphones wherever they go. In fact, it is estimated that around 66% of all Los Angeles residents own and regularly use a smartphone. Therefore, the Bluetooth Keyless Entry Lock is a great security option in this exceedingly digital world. Compatible with both iPhone and Android, this system can detect an authorized user’s phone immediately and unlock the door without fuss.

Biometric Access Control

A biometric access control system uses your own tangibly unique human traits to ensure that the people who attempt to enter a building do in fact belong there. Typically, biometric access control will have some sort of sensor to verify the biological characteristics it was designed to detect. For example, a system that utilizes voice detection software can recognize the voices of a building’s tenants. When someone speaks into it, the system will analyze the voice accordingly to determine if it matches the information stored. Many security experts praise biometric access control systems, because what they require can rarely be stolen or falsified.

High-Frequency Smart Cards

These cards are highly secure. Instead of just transmitting a code to the reader, these cards use different and encrypted codes every time when communicating and proving their authenticity. High-frequency smart cards use a two-way technology which makes them more difficult to duplicate. They are also developed in such a way that they can communicate with other applications like payment cards.

How to Choose the Right Access Control Card Technology

To choose the right access control card technology for your facility, you’ll need the assistance of a security integrator. Your integrator will help you choose a card format that is purely based on security. For security purposes, ensure that you choose a high-frequency smart card. Such cards will help you provide your facility with strong protection against unapproved card duplication. If you want all your access control card holders to use smartphones as their access credentials, your security integrator will help you choose a system that uses smart cards while still incorporating mobile IDs.

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