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Why Use a Key Card Entry System?

Posted on June 14, 2019

With changes in technology, the safety regulations keep up by changing the way they used to do things. No longer are hotels and business premises using keys that have room numbers or post office boxes imprinted on them. 

Instead, they are now using a key card access system. The computer systems have made it possible to keep this welcoming trend towards ensuring that people and their property are always safe. 

Here is what you need to know about a key card entry system

How do they work?

Electronic key cards work exactly like ATM cards which have a magnetic strip attached to it and a code that is connected to the computer system. With all keys having a different code integrated into them, the security system is high. 

In hotels and other business institutions, different key cards are created for different guests and employees. The card can be used for one time only. The previous code is then discarded by the computer system and is replaced by a different pattern that goes to the room lock. 

The security system

The key cards are changed anonymously,  making it impossible for would-be burglars to break into your room. While all the changes cost a lot of money, the cards themselves are pretty cheap, and they can be reused for multiple times. 

But you need to be careful by ensuring that f the electronic key is not placed too close to the magnet because it loses its code. In the event of a break-in, the system does a lock interrogations by running a report on the lock to find out what keys have been used in that lock. For that reason, break-ins are quite rare and even non-existent. 

Benefits of key cards 

The most significant advantage of using key cards is the fact that it removes the difficulties of using traditional keys. Another thing is that buildings can be locked and unlocked at a particular period to prevent someone from opening the doors at awkward times. 

A key card entry system uses a photo ID badge to determine if the person accessing the building is the right individual. 

Safety and security

The photo ID badges include those of the visitors to the premises. The staff at the reception usually scan the visitors’ IDs and the drivers’ licenses before providing them with a disposable badge. 

Therefore, the commercial electronic door lock system doesn’t use a system where visitors have to sign in paper sheets. Besides, the key card entry system makes use of monitors and alarms to patrol the premises. 

The card reader is installed that displays the positioning of doors, and if any of the doors are not in the proper position, signals are sent to the particular door. This system doesn’t only give you the ultimate protection, but it also saves you a lot of money.   

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