Bluetooth Access Control Readers: How Do They Work?

With the arrival of smartphones in the twenty-first century, computers have essentially been put in everyone’s hands. While the technology may be a distraction to some, smartphones have made things like mobile credentials and cloud-based access control simpler than ever. Mobile access control, however, isn’t just about smartphones and relies heavily upon another technology called… Read More.

Customized Access Control Solutions for Medical Facilities

Between patient medical records, sensitive data, and medications—hospitals and medical facilities place a high priority on safety and security. To ensure proper oversight of all assets, medical supplies, employees, and patients, they rely on cloud-based access control systems. Below, we will take a look at some of the benefits that customized cloud access control systems… Read More.

How to Choose the Right Access Control Installation for your Business

Keeping your business secure is your number one priority as a business owner, and a cloud-based access control system provides you with the best way to do so. Different types of businesses have various kinds of security needs, which means it is critical for you to consider what your business needs to ensure its protection… Read More.

Advantages of Using a Key Card Entry System for Your Commercial Properties

Whether they’re used to secure a building or to protect employees, visitors, and inventory within your business facility, a cloud-based access control system is instrumental for any business.  Regardless of if you manage a corporate office, retail office, or fitness center, or you oversee a healthcare facility, key card entry systems have a significant amount… Read More.

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