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An Electronic Key Card System in Los Angeles for Crime Prevention

Posted on July 5, 2019

If you are like most businesses in Orange County or in your area, you probably lock up each night using a standard lock and key system. Everyone locks their respective office at night, and then you close the front and back doors, securing them with your keys. The problem is that even the newer lock and key systems used today that offer technological advances and sophisticated locking mechanisms can be picked open by a skilled criminal with the proper tools. In minutes you could have items stolen from you that may be irreplaceable or set back your business for weeks or even months. For the best crime prevention, you can get today, you will want to consider using a newer electronic key card system in Los Angeles.

A System That is Cost-Effective

You may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year to have new keys made, or new locks installed. Every time there is a break-in, crime, a disgruntled employee let go who still has keys, or other situation arises where new keys are needed, it means you need to bring a locksmith out to your location, get new locks or re-key locks, and more. The process is lengthy and expensive for you when it is done. Investing in a key card system can eliminate the potential expense. When an employee leaves, you can deactivate their card, so entry is no longer possible. Lost cards can be handled the same way without you having to replace anything more than the card used. The new system can pay for itself quickly and provide you with long-term savings and security.

Better Control with a Key Card System

Using an electronic key card system in Los Angeles also gives you better control over who can gain access to where. You can designate different doors so that they can only be opened by certain personnel that has permissions to be there. This allows executives to secure their offices appropriately and lets you keep areas like production zones, laboratories, and other areas that may have sensitive information and equipment open only to personnel that should be there at a given time. Your system keeps track of all who come and go out of an area, so you know what is always going on.

Explore an Electronic Key Card System

You can find out more about an electronic key card system in Los Angeles and all it can do for your company by contacting us here at Action 1st. We are loss prevention and lock system experts, and we can provide you with just the kind of system that is ideal for your circumstances. You can request information from us or arrange for an onsite consultation and review by calling us at (949) 828-3008. We will discuss what systems can work best for you and are within your budget and then have your new system expertly installed for you so that you can better prevent loss and crime.


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