Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems; What They Are and How They Work

Biometrics or (biometric authentication) refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits.  Biometrics is used in conjunction with computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. Read More

Hotel Access Control

Hotel Access Control

Hotels face certain challenges unique to the hospitality industry. Seasoned hoteliers know that providing a pleasant guest experience is foremost. The hotel should be a warm and welcoming place offering a luxurious experience but should also be able to ensure security and safety for its guests. Read more

Cloud Based Access Control

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control For Your Building

Increasingly, we are seeing technology moving to the cloud.  Companies looking to accomplish things more efficiently and less expensively are turning to cloud computing to do this.  What does this mean and how does it impact how things are accomplished? Read More

Healthcare Facilities And Access Control

Healthcare Facilities Access Control

Small and medium sized health care facilities encompass a wide range of business types, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large complex teaching, research, therapy and rehabilitation centers.

Ideally, all health care facilities should convey a message to patients, visitors, volunteers, vendors, and staff that is welcoming, caring, comforting, and compassionate, committed to patient well-being and safety, where stress is relieved, refuge is provided, respect is reciprocated, competence is symbolized, way-finding is facilitated, and families are accommodated.  And of course, security is key. Read more

Security For Places Of Worship

Security For Places Of Worship

The necessity for security for places of worship is no different than security for any other “business”.   Places of worship are sanctuaries. They are welcoming spaces where people go to recharge and center themselves spiritually.  But, sadly, in today’s world, all facilities, including places of worship, need to ensure they can control  and monitor access. Read More

Warehouse Access Control Systems

Warehouse Electronic Access Control Saves Time and Money

Managing a warehouse demands both a unique skillset and mindset, as it involves a team of people who must work together for a common purpose. This requires specially trained staff members who can fulfill complex inventory and shipping requirements as well as handle equipment and machinery both safely and efficiently. Read More

Key Card Access Control

Keycard Access Control Systems Explained

Access control is all about WHO, WHERE and WHEN. An access control system dictates who is allowed to enter or exit, where this person is allowed to ingress or egress and when they are allowed to do this.

In the past, access control was enforced through keys and locks. A person with a key can enter a locked door. And that is about as far as access control went. There was no way to restrict access on specific times or dates; so long as a person possesses the key, they were in. Read more

Manufacturing Facility Access Control

Manufacturing Facilities Access Control

The need for access control in every office complex is generally acknowledged, including access control for a manufacturing facility.  For systems as basic as key entry or as complex as facial scanning, the obvious benefit of access control systems is to limit the entry of unauthorized intruders or personnel,  protecting your business against damage and theft, and protecting your employees from harm. Both small business with simple one way access control needs and large corporations with multiple security gateways can ramp up protection with access control systems. Read More

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