Electronic Commercial Door Locks Benefits

Wireless and mobile electronic commercial door locks have quickly become some of the most popular choices for businesses. The reasons are simple: they’re highly effective and they also save money. For example, what we think of as a “traditional” wired access control system consumes far more power than integrated wireless locksets. In fact, they use… Read More.

What are Electric Locks and How do They Work

Electric door locks have become the security measure of choice for offices, modern buildings, and other commercial properties. They give you an additional, practically impenetrable security system that solves so many problems.   You won’t have to worry about losing keys, unauthorized access, and being at risk of forced entry. It is also easy to… Read More.

Electronic Lock

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Lock

Every office or facility has multiple entrance points, but none are more open than doors. Because it’s the most vulnerable part of the office’s security system, it needs to be locked. One of the most popular choices is to have an electronic doors lock installed and ensure your security. Here’s what you must take into… Read More.

5 Most Suitable Electric Locks for Offices

Contrary to popular belief, homes are not the only targets of break-ins. Offices contain many valuable files, reports and other items that are of interest to burglars. To improve the security of the entire facility, you need a good office door lock system. How do you know which ones are most suitable for your needs?… Read More.

How To Choose The Best Access Control System For Your Home Or Business

With all the different options the modern market provides, choosing an access control system that fits your needs is no easy task. Different people require different sets of features for their homes and businesses. For some, telephone access is a no brainer, while for others, it’s not even remotely necessary. Not everyone needs the latest… Read More.

Benefits of Using an Access Control System

Benefits of Using an Access Control System

A proper access control system is supposed to keep the owners and users secure with as little intervention and hassle possible. Unless your business is comprised of a relatively small number of employees – say ten – and can simply rely on locks, an access control system is almost a complete necessity. Such systems are… Read More.

Protect Yourself and Staff Members with Access Card Entry Systems1

Protect Yourself and Staff Members with Access Card Entry Systems

Keeping people safe when they come onto your premises is a big worry for many business owners. If you don’t have the right protection for visitors, staff or others, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for negligence. Keyed systems are no longer considered safe, since everyone knows how to pick a lock – or… Read More.

Buyer Beware The Vulnerabilities of Traditional Access Control Systems that Compromise Security

Buyer Beware: The Vulnerabilities of Traditional Access Control Systems that Compromise Security

When it comes to securing your premises, few other solutions come close to the matching electronic access control systems. Since a lot of the companies that provide them have been around for possibly decades, few of them ever bother to update the security features when new vulnerabilities are discovered. To be fair, a lot of… Read More.

Why Does Your Business Need Access Card Entry Systems in Los Angeles

Why You Need an Access Card Entry Systems for your Los Angeles Property?

You own a property that you use as part of your business. Previously, you have used a standard key and lock system for your doors, but find that this is unsatisfactory. Staff members lose their keys, leave them at home, and sometimes forget to lock doors after themselves.  Replacing locks and re-cutting keys can be… Read More.

Action 1st

Airbnb Safety Tips from Action 1st

  Safety first   At Action 1st, we realize that your family and your property are your top priorities. So, for the best commercial door repair service and top-quality commercial locksmith services, contact us in Orange County, Anaheim at (800) 675-3015 for your home or office door lock system requirements. We can advise you on… Read More.