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Door Repair, Locks, & Keys - **Servicing All Orange County, CA & Surrounding Communities**

Ensure that your building stays at its best with locksmith and door repair services from Action 1st Loss Prevention. We sell locks and keys, access control systems, and everything in between. Contact us online to ask about the products and services you need.

Computerized Master Key System

With the right security system, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are protected. Action 1st Loss Prevention starts by reconfiguring your existing lock system and creating a new master key system for your business.

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We can create a system that will allow up to seven different keys to work in one lock. You're able to decide what type of system you want. Then, we can create key controls for every lock in the building or a key for each floor entrance to meet your needs.

Electronic Access Control

This card reading system gives you complete electronic entry and exit records, allowing you to accurately track who is coming into and leaving your building. It is configured to meet your needs, providing authorized access at certain times based on the restrictions you determine.

Commercial Door Repair

Keeping your doors functioning properly is essential to your building's security system. Whether you need a door repaired or replaced, our commercial locksmith service provides you with a fast response to let you know about your options. All repairs are performed immediately, and installation schedules vary depending on your order. Plus, all work must meet your approval or we come back to fix it for free.

Warehouse Roll-up Doors

We repair all manufactures' roll-up doors, side rails, and mechanical and electric door operators. Action 1st Loss Prevention also is able to provide new roll-up door installation with short lead time for your convenience.

Door Closer Installation & Repair

Automatic doors are a great convenience to your customers until they do not work properly; then they become a nuisance, possibly even dangerous. Get same-day service on installation of new automatic door closers or repair services from our company, which keeps new and replacement parts in stock to save time.

Panic Hardware Installation & Repair

Action 1st Loss Prevention offers panic hardware installation for large and small facilities including schools, large corporations, and small businesses. This technology gives you the ability to lock your building, preventing outside access, and allows you to lock and exit without setting off the alarm system. It also gives you the ability to lock your whole building from the inside.

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